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This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You struggle with converting leads from your website
  • You want to get away from just an "online brochure" and turn your website into your best sales rep
  • You don't know how effective your website actually is
  • You're looking to build a new website in the near future
  • Your sales team is screaming for more qualified leads


Your website can no longer be "just an online brochure." Your website is a huge asset and the face of your company online. Are you getting enough out of it? By giving your website the attention it deserves, focusing on data, determining who your target personas are, and developing a better user experience, you can start to establish your website as the lead generation engine that it always should have been. Are you ready to turn your website into your very BEST asset and your very BEST sales rep? Access this 100% FREE training and let's start growth hacking!

Whether you're looking to build a new website or looking to just get the most out of your current website, this masterclass is for you.

Walk away with an understanding of how to turn your website into a user-focused lead generation machine!

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This free masterclass will give attendees the knowledge necessary to:

• Audit their current website and user experience
• Develop target personas (and rank those personas based on importance)
• Uncover hidden pain points that your website users, prospects, and customers are experiencing
• Implement tools and processes to improve your website every single month
• Establish solid key performance indicators (KPIs) necessary to judge the growth and effectiveness of your website
• Decide on which tools to use to evaluate, optimize, and measure effectiveness of your website
• Create a plan to impact your visitors and generate more leads


100% at your pace.
You will have instant access to this training and can watch it as many times as you need. Make it part of
your team training, or simply watch it and take action, then watch it again. Each time will bring more clarity to what you need to focus on most in creating a growth driven design.

How Much?

100% FREE. How good could it be
if it's free? I promise if you watch
this training and feel like I wasted your time.
  Simply reach out and I will personally
pay you for the time you wasted. That's how
sure I am you will come away with actions
you can start taking immediately. 

Who Is This For?

Simply put, this is for anyone that focuses
on the marketing and sales departments
of a business. From the CEO to the
   marketing intern. Getting the most from your website
is key in today's internet heavy
business world. Everyone has the role to make their website the companies best asset.

Why Join This Website Growth Strategy Masterclass?

This masterclass is tailored to help you:

  • Create synergy between marketing and sales
  • Develop goals around your website
  • Generate more leads
  • Close more business
  • Provide a better user experience
  • And create a website that scales with your business
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"Working w TRC is a must for anyone w a business. They are marketing professionals with years of experience and they know what they are doing. I highly recommend the TRC team to anyone and everyone who wants more business. Remember, marketing leads to sales and sales lead to revenue and without revenue a business won’t be in business for long. Contact TRC today!"

Vidal Gonzalez
CEO, G6 Homes

"Ever work with a company that turned from just a company to a family? Ever work with someone who understands you and can finishes your sentences? Ever work with a company that TEACHES you step by step exactly what they are doing with your website? Well I do and maybe you should as well! At TRC, they put your goals before theirs. Working with TRC and their team, has been a blessing, not only have we worked on a new website but together we are working on rebranding my entire company. I highly recommend them and their knowledgeable team!"

Fais Dhirani
CEO, Fifth Color Printing

Meet Your Trainer
Shawn Tiberio, CEO & Co-Founder of Top Results Consulting

Shawn co-founded Top Results Consulting in January 2020 with a focus on helping businesses break through the barriers to scale. Shawn has helped thousands of companies grow through innovative marketing and sales strategies in B2B, B2C, and nonprofit sectors since 2013.

Shawn is a HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist and has successfully sold 2 companies. Shawn and his partner have grown Top Results Consulting to become one of the most highly regarded marketing agencies in the United States. 

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